6. River Daughter

Shanee Taylor, tune in raga Gunakali

Floating on the sparkling water
Singing comes the River Daughter,
Laughter and starlight in her eyes
Magical gifts her sweet surprise.
Music of the River Daughter
Mingles with the rushing water.
Wanderer rest your weary feet
Step to the edge it’s time to meet.

Wisdom of the ancients beckons through her song
Memories of another time
Perfume clear like a fragrant wine.
Kindling such a yearning that has slept so long
Wakes the dream of a trusting heart
Weaves the spell of enchanting art.

Laughter of the River Daughter
Tumbles over gleaming water
Wisdom and moonlight on her face
Movement so free and full of grace.
Starlight shimmering on water
Dancing with the River Daughter,
Wanderer come and find release
Playing within her realm at ease.

Let yourself abandon to this magic night,
Leave the firm soil of shore behind
Join companions of your own kind.
Swimming in the waters bathed in silver light,
Gone the days when you had to roam
River Daughter now calls you home,
Now calls you home, now calls you home.

© 2016 Shanee Taylor