This is the website for my CD River Daughter Tales. Most of these songs were written by me over a number of years and finally emerged on this collection. The album is a collaboration between various artist friends:

Dylan Fowler accompanied me on all the songs and arranged the music. They were recorded as a live performance as we improvised them together, and Gillian Stevens also played on a couple of tracks. Dylan mixed and mastered this CD at his studio in Abergavenny.

The cover images are taken from paintings by Tim Rossiter and the overall design was by Dek Leverton who also helped me set up this website.


Back Cover

There are stories behind the songs, and links to the lyrics are available in the sidebar of each page, or at the base if you view on a tablet or smartphone. You will also find more information about the songs in the tales and the section about me.

Samples of a few tracks can be found on Soundcloud.

If you would like to buy a copy of this album please contact me.