3. Travellers of Midnight

Shanee Taylor, tune in Malkauns, the midnight raga

We are travellers of midnighttree soulmates
And we follow secret pathways
Guided by the ancient starlight
Mirrored in our loving gaze.
With the moon as our companion
Ever changing ever present
Shedding light on our union
Both of earth and heaven sent.

The heart is still yearning for the lover
And bodies are longing for each other
The night offers the gift of tender embrace
The moon shows me the sight of your shining face.
The eyes of the lover, the beloved
Reveal what is felt but cannot be said
They reach into the waiting essence within
And touch what is to be, not what might have been.

We are travellers of midnight…

The realm of the senses is on fire
As hands wake the river of desire
And skin carries the current of its strong flow
Evoking all the wisdom of long ago.
The hour of midnight inspiration
Is melting our needless separation
The union of these lovers once again born
The moon and distant starlight fade into dawn.

© 2016 Shanee Taylor